Early Orthodontic Treatment

Early Orthodontic Treatment

The American Association for Orthodontics recommends that children should start getting orthodontic attention from the age of seven. This is the stage when children would be experiencing healthy growth of jawbone and their milk teeth would be getting replaced by permanent teeth. If they have any sort of malocclusion, it would be the perfect time to get it treated.

What are the advantages of early orthodontic treatment?

  • Guide the growth of your child’s jawbone and permanent teeth in the right direction and prevent misalignment.
  • Prevent dental arches from growing too much or too less.
  • Remove milk teeth at the right time to allow the permanent teeth to emerge in the right position.
  • Avoid malocclusion due to faulty pacifiers or thumb sucking.
  • Make space for the emerging permanent teeth and prevent crowding.
  • Align the jawbone rightly to get rid of issues with the bite.

What issues can orthodontic treatment resolve?

  • Persistent toothaches and jaw pain due to malocclusion.
  • Milk teeth that refuse to fall off at the right time.
  • Bite-related issues, such as open bite, overbite, underbite, crossbite, overjet, etc.
  • Thumb sucking.
  • Impacted teeth that have a hard time emerging out of the gums.
  • Disproportionate growth of either of the jaws with respect to the face.
  • Problem with the airway, i.e. forceful breathing.
  • Temporomandibular joint disorder, i.e. popping or clicking of the jawbone joint during movement combined with persistent pain.
  • Grinding of teeth (Bruxism).

We would carefully analyze the condition and severity of your child’s malocclusion and suggest the right treatment solution, either in the form of braces (metal, clear, ceramic or lingual) or Invisalign.

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